Lively Wedding Box is a monthly subscription box for brides designed to put some fun into wedding planning and help ease some stress while wedding planning. We know, wedding planning is stressful, a monthly box of wedding themed goodies it the perfect way to put you at ease while wedding planning. There is nothing more exciting than getting a package delivered- and even better when it's all for you. 


Each month you will get one box full of bridal themed items delivered straight to your door. The box is full of an array of gifts including tumblers, jewelry, hats, wedding decor, shower and bachelorette party goodies, hats, beauty products and more!


The idea behind Lively Wedding Box was founded in 2016 by founder, Halima. Halima is a  veteran wedding planner of 9 years and owns Lively Events, a wedding planning boutique in Texas. Halima always sent her couples gifts throughout the planning process to help alleviate some of the wedding planning stress. 


She decided these fun pick me up gifts should be available to all brides across the country, not just the brides she works with while planning. Then the premier subscription box for brides was created to put some fun into wedding planning and help brides enjoy the wedding planning journey a little bit more.  


Halima has made it her mission to not only alleviate some stress for brides, but assist them in wedding planning by sharing all of her knowledge and making this a resource for wedding planning.