5 Things to Consider Before Falling in Love With a Venue

Whether you've started looking, or have yet to Google "wedding venues", the process of choosing a wedding venue is always different for everyone. Some may not find exactly what they are looking for, while others may have too many options. Here are a few tips to help guide your search.


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1. Keep an Open Mind

Something that may look like a chunk of grass to you may have your significant other envisioning the perfect set up. Try not to make your mind up until you have both discussed the possibilities of each venue. Take a look at the venue's photo gallery or Instagram page to get an idea of what the venue looks like when it's set up. You might even be able to visit the day of a wedding to experience the decked-out version of the venue in person.

2. Find your Date

While you may or may not have your perfect wedding date in mind, remember that some venues may be booked for months at a time. Unless you're willing to compromise dates for your perfect venue, don't settle until you have figured this out. 

3. Location

What do you want to be the first thing your guests see as they pull up to your wedding? Do you want it to be down a long Hill Country dirt road? Do you want to see the San Antonio city skyline? Do you want to shuttle people there from their hotel? Where even is the closest hotel? How long of a drive will it be? There are all important questions to ask yourself to make sure both the setting and logistics are what you want for your special day. 

4. Wedding Planner

If you have not found the perfect wedding planner yet, find one ASAP! Your wedding planner has all the details on the new venues popping up as well as what you need to know about the venues already in town. A good planner can save you a ton of time. A planner will let you know exactly which venues fit within your design plan as well as your budget. No need to email a ton of venues getting pricing information, your planner will already have it for you. 

5. Catering

You find your perfect venue, but son realize you can't cater the food you want. While some venues will be willing to work with you on your choice of catering, others are strictly in-house. Give some thought as to whether or not this is something you are willing to sacrifice. 

At the end of the day, go over a pros and cons list with your significant other and rant the importance of each item to your wedding. This will hopefully bring some clarity and peace of mind for the both of you. 

Posted September 29th at 11:20am