A Day in the Life of Reiley and Rose

A Day in the Life of Reiley and Rose

Megan, the owner and designer of Reiley and Rose, shared a peek inside her floral life with us on Instagram this month. Here is the recap of what she shared with us.


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Megan first shared her morning at her studio with us as she was finishing up a beautiful bouquet for a bridal photoshoot. Then, she dropped it off at a super cute boutique in downtown Seguin, Texas. From there she set off to a walk through for a bride in Lampasas. She shared some videos of the beautiful chandeliers, rock fire place and back patio surrounded by water and amazing fountains. 

From there she headed to New Braunfels for a Fall FestivalFundraiser that supports the Food Pantry in New Braunfels. There was a pie and casserole competition. On her long drive back she answered these questions:

How much should I plan to spend on my wedding flowers?

"There are so many factors that determine pricning. That depends on what type of flowers you love. How many bridesmaids are you going to have, 12 or 4? How many guests, tables and centerpieces are you going to need? There are a ton of variables that can change things. An average budget for a bride is $4,500- $5,000. You should meet with a planner and go over your budget. If brides are really important to you then you can allot more money there. I like to show brides their dream wedding and then go from there. We can cut some places to make it fit in your budget."

Once Megan arrived at The Fall Festival, she had some VIP vendors unbox the October Lively Wedding Box! 



Check out our Story Highlight under "Wedding Pro Tips" to see Megan's full takeover and the unboxing video. 

Thanks again, Megan, for sharing your day with us!

Posted November 20th at 12:18pm