Adam and Lynsay's Engagement Story

Adam and Lynsay's Engagement Story

How Adam and Lynsay Met

Adam and Lynsay have been dating for over two and a half years. They both attended Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario where they were completing their post-secondary education. While in college, they both played for the varsity volleyball teams, so they saw a lot of each other, at practices, games, team events, parties and school. They then became good friends after a few years at Mohawk. She was in a relationship at the time but that ended up not working out so Adam finally got his chance to ask her to hang out. Adam said she was a little hesitant at first but then gave in to him. They started hanging out more and more until they finally made it official, they were dating!

"From that day on I've never been happier." - Adam

How Adam Popped the Question

It was New Year’s Eve and they had made plans with another couple, Dale and Natalie, that were really good friends of theirs in Hamilton. They had arranged to all go out for a nice dinner, where they would all get dressed up for New Year’s but really it was so they would be dressed up for the engagement photo. Very smart and sneaky, Adam! After dinner they had planned to just go back to their friends’ place for drinks and games. Adam had arranged for his friends to grab the flowers and candles so that he wasn’t having to bring them down with them and hide them from Lynsay. Adam had then arranged a distraction with Natalie to get Lynsay out of the house for a little bit so Adam and Dale could quickly set up and get ready for the big event. They arrived at their friends place around 5pm and dinner wasn’t until 8:30pm, so they had some time to kill. Natalie then proceeded with the plan to get Lynsay out of the house by making up some excuses to go do a few quick errands. She was successful so it was time to set up! Adam and Dale then started lining the hall of the house from the front door to the kitchen on both sides with small candles where it went into the shape of a heart, where Adam would be down on one knee in the middle of it. They then set up some more candles on the counter tops where they also spelt out MARRY ME.


After that they set up two bouquets of a dozen roses on the counter behind the big heart where it had a sign made of wood saying LOVE in the middle of them, along with more candles around all of it. Finally, they laid out 240 rose petals on the ground in the middle of the lane of candles. They then proceeded to light all 200 candles, turn off all the lights, get the cameras in position, and then Adam took his position in the middle of the heart where he knelt down on one knee and began to wait for Lynsay to arrive back.

After a short period of waiting, which felt like forever for Adam, Lynsay had arrived. She starting walking in slowly questioning who this was for, then turned the corner to see Adam there down on one knee waiting for her. She walked right up to him with the most beautiful smile on her face and gave him a big kiss. He then confessed his love for her and told her how she’s made him the happiest guy in the world and would make him even happier if she would spend the rest of her life with him. Then he popped the big question!

"Will you marry me?"

He showed her the ring, and she instantly said yes and gave him another big kiss!! They then took some photos, celebrated with their two close friends and popped some bubbly!! Adam couldn't have asked for a more perfect night or fiancé.

Adam and Lynsay's Wedding Plans

They have just started to plan a few things so far. They are going to be having a summer outdoor wedding ceremony at Adam’s mom’s farm house in her backyard, then they are planning to switch locations to their friends’ property where they have a big lake and a beach for the reception. They are thinking of keeping it country themed and having a pig roast style dinner and just a laid back atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves and have a great time!

Cheers to Adam and Lynsay!

February 5, 2019 | Alisha Mohammed

Posted February 6th at 1:52am