Ally and Connor's Engagement Story

Ally and Connor's Engagement Story

Taken by Kadeem @arrogantwatcher

How Ally and Connor Met

Taken by Kadeem @arrogantwatcher

Ally and Connor have been dating for five and a half years. Ally was relocating to Winter Park, FL for a job in Summer 2013. After a very exhausting and unsuccessful apartment search, she went to craigslist to see if she could find a sublease or studio to rent. She saw an ad that read “tenants wanted. Must be willing to live in a creative environment as I am a recording engineer.” “Not a problem,” she thought. She responded to the ad and drove up a week or so later to find that not only was she touring a room, but Connor was renovating a home into a recording studio. 

“It was exciting and fun, plus there were other roommates. I signed a lease to move in with four boys and one other girl. And yes, we hear the ‘it’s just like MTV’s The Real World’ all the time. I moved in mid-August. Connor and I started seeing each other two weeks later.” -Ally

How Connor Popped the Question

Taken by Kadeem @arrogantwatcher

For Ally’s birthday in 2018, Connor gifted her a best friend photo shoot to be used on a specific weekend in April. 

“The photographer is a friend of ours who’s work I LOVE; Connor had gifted me a solo photo shoot for my birthday the year before, so it didn’t feel out of the ordinary.” -Ally

Ally’s best friend, Brynn, and Brynn’s boyfriend, Ross (who is also one of Connor’s friends), drove up on a Friday night and the shoot was Saturday. Connor had a “work event” that day and Ross was planning on tagging along with him. Brynn and Ally went shopping, had some champagne, and then went back to their apartment to start getting ready. They were on their way to the bar that they were doing their photo shoot at when Ally got a call from Connor saying they got out of the event early and were on their way to the photoshoot. Ally was kind of annoyed because she didn’t want the distraction of the guys while the girls were having their photo taken, but she thought it’s whatever. Little did she know what was in store. When the guys got to the bar, David Daudin was also with Kadeem (the photographer). David’s a videographer in town, so that kind of threw Ally off at first. Kadeem explained David was getting some behind the scenes shots for Kadeem’s website/portfolio. “Okay, makes sense,” Ally thought. They changed into their looks and when they came out, Connor and Ross were already there. Kadeem started taking some photos of Brynn and Ross and then asked if Ally wanted a few photos with Connor. Ally said, “sure why not.” Kadeem started snapping and then Connor faced Ally and held both of Ally’s hands in his. He started talking and Ally kind of blacked out at this point because the next thing she knew, he was down on one knee!!! 

“I, of course, said YES.” -Ally

But it gets better...Kadeem goes to take another photo and Connor says “1,2,3...HIT IT”. All of the sudden Ally hears live music of “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé and JayZ (she is a huge Queen B fan). The band was made up of their friends who are musicians that have worked with Connor over the years. Out of a hallway, their families start filing out. They traveled from New Jersey, Colorado, and various cities in Florida to be there. 

Taken by Kadeem @arrogantwatcher

“By this point, I am now a puddle on the floor and so overwhelmed with happiness.” -Ally

After about 30 minutes of joy, Connor tells Ally they have to get in the Uber to go to dinner. They go outside and there is a huge stretch SUV limo. Ally thought they were all getting inside, but then she opened the limo door and ALL of her best friends were inside. 

“I’m talking my hometown homies, the people who have known me since middle school. They came from Brooklyn, Philly, ATL, MIA, Jacksonville, Gainesville, & Sarasota!!” -Ally

*cue Ally turns into a puddle Part 2*

Taken by Kadeem @arrogantwatcher

They get inside the limo and drive to a huge house that Connor’s mom rented where 40 more guests were waiting. This was their engagement party!! There was a caterer, DJ, and even a bagpipe player. They drank and danced all night.

“It was truly the BEST DAY EVER.” -Ally

Ally and Connor's Wedding Plans

They are actually just under 6 months out from their big day. They’ll be getting married in August 2019 in Orlando, FL at Orchid Garden. They are going for Art Deco meets Vintage Romance. Their wedding party is wearing all black and the couple is doing gold accents with pops of bright gemstones for some color. 

“We can’t wait!” -Ally

Taken by Kadeem @arrogantwatcher

Cheers to Ally and Connor!

March 5, 2019 | Alisha Mohammed

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