Andriana & Bruce's Engagement Story

Andriana & Bruce’s Engagement Story

How Andriana & Bruce Met

Andriana and Bruce met at their church youth group back in Fall 2010, but they connected when they realized they both went to the same school together. 

“I had a huge crush on him right away, though it took a couple years for him to figure out his mutual feelings (ugh, men). We always had this unspoken bond with each other from the instant we met.” -Andriana 

How Long Andriana & Bruce Have Been Dating

Their first anniversary will be on the 16th of February, but they have been best friends since they met. There was a time when they were younger that Andriana thought they were going to get together: her senior year, when he was a freshman in college. He came to visit her and her family during the Christmas holiday; they ended up watching a movie and curling up on the couch together. Toward the end of the night, they shared a kiss. 

“I felt fireworks go off!” -Andriana

They didn’t get together at that point, but they stayed good friends. They kept talking and spending time together consistently after that, but it took them a few years, a few relationships, and lots of personal growth to find out that what they really wanted all along was to be with each other. In February 2018, they made it official and started seriously dating. 

“His kisses still give me fireworks!” -Andriana 

How Bruce Popped the Question

They went on a weekend trip to Chicago, and Bruce set the weekend up under the premise of them visiting one of his old friends. Andriana had been fantasizing about getting engaged at the Shedd’s Aquarium since she was ten; she didn’t think he had any idea though, so when he suggested they visit it she wasn’t expecting anything. He took her into the coral reef exhibit. It was beautiful: there were tanks on all sides, and above them, and bright colors of coral and fish swimming all around. She noticed he was trembling and asked him why.

“I’m shaking because my heart is beating a thousand miles an hour. I’ve replayed this moment in my head a million times and nothing I say is perfect. The only perfect thing about it is you’re here, with me.” -Bruce

Then he got down on one knee right there! It was exhilarating and it felt like suddenly they were the only two people in the world. 

“Of course, I said yes, and made him come kiss me. Afterward I snapped back to reality and noticed there were a few people cheering for us! It was a memory that will last a lifetime.” – Andriana

Andriana & Bruce’s Wedding Plans

They have picked out a few venues that they like in the area; they’re looking for an outdoor setting for the ceremony, a reception hall that feels cozy and a little urban, and a taco truck for some after-dance snacks! They’ve both been excitedly assembling the bridal party – their friends are basically like their family – and they are planning to tie the knot in Fall of 2020!

Cheers to Andriana & Bruce!

February 26, 2019 | Alisha Mohammed

Posted February 26th at 6:56pm