5 Gifts your Bridesmaids Actually Want

Your bridesmaids have been or will be there for you, whether it be helping you plan or even helping you pick out your wedding dress. They will also be there standing next to you on your big day, so why not spoil them with something they actually want. Check out our list of the top 5 things that your bridesmaids actually want.


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1. Makeup Junkie Bag

A favorite of mine is makeup junkie bags. What girl couldn’t use a new makeup bag? With makeup junkie there is a size, color and style that fits every girl's personality and need. Makeup junkie bags can not only be used for makeup, but you can also throw your shampoo, hairspray, and all of your necessities in it for a trip.

2. Getting Ready Robe

Robes are always a good idea. You can personalize them and have them say bridesmaid, maid of honor or matron of honor. You can also chose to put your bridesmaids name on them. Robes can be worn the day of the wedding and make for cute pictures. Also your bridesmaids can use them after the wedding. With different patterns, materials, and colors you are bound to find a perfect fit your bridesmaids style.

3. Trinket Dish

A cute trinket dish such as the one above makes a perfect simple gift. It is a gift that shows your bridesmaids you love them, and reminds them of a memory they can look back on. The dish can hold jewelry, change, even candy so it is suitable for every girls needs. You can also personalize trinkets with the bridesmaids names or have their monograms put on them. You can also personalize it with your wedding date or have it say bridesmaid.

4. Tumbler

Another good one! Tumblers make perfect gifts because not only can your bridesmaids use them day of, they are perfect for day to day use afterwards. You can personalize them with bridesmaid, their name or both. Some people opt to leaving them blank so their bridesmaids have a cup they can use everyday. You can choose different colors and styles that fit your bridesmaids personalities.

5. Kendra Scott Jewelry

Jewelry is always a hit! Whether it be earrings, a bracelet, or even a necklace. You can pick jewelry that goes with your bridesmaid dresses for a little extra touch on your wedding day. Jewelry is a bridesmaid favorite because after the wedding they still can get use out of it. I picked these earrings because they are versatile, but you could honestly go with a number of choices and still have happy bridesmaids that love their gift. Kendra Scott is a good route to go, it is a little more high end but you can personalize the piece of jewelry you choose to gift your bridesmaids.

Overall, that's a few things that bridesmaids would actually want. You can tailor every product or gift to your bridesmaids needs and wants and make it special for the girls that will be there for your special day. Which one of these bridesmaid gifts do you plan to get your gals?

Posted October 17th at 9:10pm