Honeymoon Planning Tips from an Expert Travel Agent, Lauren from The Travel Mechanic

Hello Bride to Be!

Chances are you are busy planning your wedding. Have you had a chance to think about your honeymoon yet? No worries! Lauren from The Travel Mechanic took over our Instagram last week and she shared all of her secrets about planning a honeymoon. If you didn't catch it on our stories the recap is below.


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Spoiler Alert! Her best tip- get a travel agent. Lauren's services are absolutely free to you. Why wouldn't you take advantage of this?

Lauren specialty is planning honeymoons! That's right. You have planned and planned for your wedding day. On your wedding day you are going to be so busy thanking your guests for coming, taking pictures and meeting your new family members you will barely have a chance to eat your pricey dinner you spent so much time agonizing over. Imagine this-  you're exhausted from all of your wedding festivities but you are still high on that post marital bliss.

Unfortunately you did not plan a honeymoon so you and your new Hubby are headed back to work on Monday. 

Do not let this happen! Be sure to plan a honeymoon so you guys can relax and enjoy each other in your new roles as a married couple. 

The best part of Lauren's services is it is completely FREE to you. Lauren is paid from the hotels and resorts so if you have any hesitation about planning the PERFECT and FUN honeymoon let Lauren take the reins and help you. 

Lauren's job is to take the stress away from you and save you time! 
Here are a few questions Lauren answered during her Instagram Takeover.

What is the minimum budget I need to plan a honeymoon?
"The ideal budget for you ideal honeymoon starts at $3,000. Mainly because airfare eats up most of your budget."

Do you only do international travel?
"I mainly do international travel and booking trips, but if you just want to get away with your husband or with the girls I can help out!"
Currently Lauren is planning honeymoons to Bora Bora, Thailand, Hawaii and Costa Rica!

Are you ready to plan your honeymoon? Check out The Travel Mechanic to get in touch with Lauren today!

Lauren, thanks so much for taking over our Instagram. It was so much fun to have you!

Posted October 7th at 12:20am