How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress for your Body Type

How many of you have thought about what your wedding dress would be like long before you ever got engaged? Now how many of you, after you got engaged, had no idea where to start when it came to what you did and didn't like in dress preferences? Look no further; we have a couple of tips here to help you with the confusion!


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Look at yourself, imagine all of the things you have tried on in your life thinking "that doesn't look right on me." or "this looks great on me!" It all has to do with body type; no two women are built the same and that is completely okay! We are beautiful just the way we are. However, when it comes to wedding dress shopping these helpful hints might just lead you to your dream dress, fitting just how you like it. 

Ball Gown

This style is best for brides with a more boyish figure. The fullness of the dress will make you look curvier!


This dress is best suited for brides with an hour glass figure, who wants to show off her curves. Avoid this style if you don't want something tight, as it can be constricting!


Best for petite brides since the slim shape adds length. This silhouette also looks stunning on brides with sleek figures. 

Drop Waist

For brides who want to flaunt their trim middle and shape since this dress hugs your hips and waist. 


Best for all body types, which is the biggest reason it's the most popular skirt silhouette in the wedding dress game- it looks flattering on almost everyone!


Best for curvy brides who are looking for a more formfitting dress- it's a little easier to move around in on the big day. 

As always, these are just suggestions, and by no means does that mean you have to skip out on trying on every dress you desire, because let's face it, it's YOUR day!

Posted September 15th at 1:01pm