Kylee and Kyle's Engagement Story

Kylee and Kyle’s Engagement Story   

How Kylee and Kyle Met

Taken by Kristin @kristinleclairphotography

It all started Fall of 2012 at Western Washington University, Kylee and Kyle lived in the same dorm. Flash Forward to after Christmas break Kylee, Kyle, and a couple of friends talked about how their break was. They then headed to the dining hall where Kyle mentions to his roommate that for some reason he just wanted to hug Kylee. Kylee felt the same way and that's when the flirting began.

“Kyle, your name is just like mine except I have an extra E!” - Kylee

Two weeks of cute little dates, Kyle and Kylee just can’t help the way they are feeling. Falling more and more in love with each day that passes, Kylee’s mom knew there was a reason for the lack of communication, as Kylee often texted her mom.

Stacey asked… “So… did you meet someone?” Kylee automatically fired back “YES! Best name match EVER!”

Taken by Kristin @kristinleclairphotography

On January 26th, 2013, sharing a cheese pizza with a side of ranch, Kyle asked Kylee to be his girlfriend. From then on the love continued to grow stronger.

How Kyle Popped the Question

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Kyle and Kylee were home in Seattle to spend Christmas with their family. On December 22, 2018 Kylee was under the impression that they would be having a “birthday dinner” for Kyle at Anthony’s Homeport with his family, but it was all just a cover up to hide what was actually happening

Kyle and Kylee arrived a little early for dinner so they decided to walk around for a little bit, like they used to before moving to Arizona. They begin walking down to the waterfront, Kyle steere's Kylee, away from their normal route, towards a gazebo on the beach. As they begin to get closer Kylee sees candles flickering, flowers, and white balloons.

“Is this set up for Christmas?” -Kylee

Hallelujah begins to play and Kyle turns to Kylee and asks “Is this for you?” as he wraps his arm around her.

Taken by Kristin @kristinleclairphotography

They continue walking towards the middle of the gazebo, Kyle gets down on one knee, picks up a bouquet of flowers, with the most gorgeous ring, and popped the question, “ “Kylee Michelle Morgan, will you marry me?”

 Taken by Kristin @kristinleclairphotography

Kylee of course said yes! The families breakout of their hiding spot and confetti begins to burst into the air with cheers. The celebration carried into the night with champagne and mexican food at one of their favorite spots, Cactus.

Kylee and Kyle’s Wedding Plans

Kyle and Kylee plan to become husband and wife in Seattle, Washington to celebrate with their friends and family. Their first step will be booking a flight home to tour venues and then setting a date! They are wishing for a fall wedding surrounded by tall evergreens.

Kylee was like most young girls and began planning this special day before she could remember, saving pins to her wedding pinterest board with color schemes and first dance songs, but right now nothing has been booked or set down on paper.

The couple is enjoying being engaged and will continue celebrating this next chapter of their lives, but with hope and lots of planning they will become The Lindors at Last come Fall 2020 or Fall 2021.

Taken by Kristin @kristinleclairphotography

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