Meagan and Brandon's Proposal Story

Meagan and Brandon's Proposal Story



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Tell us your love story!

"Brandon and I met during Thanksgiving of 2016, on January 18, 2017 (my birthday) he told me he loved me, I knew he was the one. My heart skipped a beat every time we spoke. Brandon is a Dallas Firefighter, and I love that I get to be his fire-wife!" 

How did you meet?

"We met through mutual friends November 2016."

How long have you been dating?

"2 years, we are about to start our third in less than a week!"

How did he pop the question?

"Brandon asked in the perfect way, he included our dogs. Our two poodles had tags around their necks saying "Hey Mom..." "Dad has a..." and when I walked into the living room he was on one knee by rose petals in the shape of a question mark. I ugly cried, and it was perfect. Brandon also made videos throughout the day, which was totally sweet! "

Have you started planning the wedding yet? Tell us your plans!

"We have started planning, depending on when our Church is available, we will either get married Fall of 2019 or early 2020. I am so excited."

Posted November 21st at 12:15pm