Reception Meal Styles To Contemplate

There are often two options most brides consider when choosing their meal style for the reception, buffet or sit down dinner. Our team has come up with some ideas to consider when contemplating between the two.

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The decision ultimately comes down to how you want your guest served on your special day. Would you rather your guest be served by servers or be dismissed table to table to receive their food?

Buffet style gives your guest a little bit more flexibility when it comes to what they want, and how much. Often buffets allow guest to come up for seconds if they would like additional food. This choice often requires less serves than a normal sit-down dinner would.

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Sit-Down Dinner is a traditional style that is still very popular today. This option will not require your guest to carry their plates from table to table like a buffet would. This is a great option if you would rather have your guest seated and engaged throughout the dinner service.

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When choosing your option of a buffet or sit down dinner, just think about the type of style you are wanting for your wedding reception. The prices between the two option nearly mirror each other in most food catering services. We hope our team has answered most of your questions, you may have had about these reception meal styles. Make sure to keep checking back for our blog post next week!

Posted January 31st at 9:40pm