The Top 4 Beautiful Destination Wedding Spots

The Top 4 Beautiful Destination Wedding Spots

There is a handful of destinations around the world that would be absolutely beautiful to hold a wedding. Make sure to come up with a list of things that would make your destination wedding a dream come true. Just because you may not be picking a venue in your hometown doesn't mean that there isn't certain things we are sure you will want at either your ceremony or reception.

It can be a little overwhelming when making the decision on where you want to have your wedding at. It is significant to find a location that really is special to you and you Fiancé. The Lively Wedding Box team has came up with a great list of four destinations

that each bride should consider when making their final decision.

Here are the top 4 beautiful destination wedding spots

    Los Cabos, Mexico

      Hawaii, United States

        Bermuda, Caribbean

          Bahamas, Caribbean

          It is always important to consider the people you want their the most, having a destination wedding can be extremely hard for some families to attend because the cost of travel. If you want certain family members and/or friends to attend, make sure the wedding is planned around a time of the year that those close to you could attend. However don't forget that this is your time to be a little selfish, enjoy this moment, and

          get excited for this next chapter of your life.

          This is our top 4 beautiful destination wedding spots. We hope that you enjoyed this weeks blog post. Check back next week for a new engagement story and another blog post!

          Posted March 15th at 12:32am