Three Cute Ways to Remember Who Went to Your Wedding

Three Cute Ways to Remember Who Went to

Your Wedding

March 7, 2019 | Alisha Mohammed

A wedding is a beautiful experience that lots of people come together for!

Here are three cute ways to remember who went to your wedding:

~Have a Guest Book

~Take Polaroid Photos

~Have Your Guests Sign A Keepsake 

Have a Guest Book

Creating a guest book allows your guests to sign their name or even write a sweet message to you on your wedding day! This is great especially for those guests who didn’t bring a card for you or get a chance to talk to you personally on your big day due to all the craziness.

Take Polaroid Pictures

A lot of weddings have plenty of pictures taken, but let’s be honest, who remembers everyone’s name? Having a Polaroid camera for your guests to take pictures with allows them to also write their name on the bottom of the picture. Now you have a name to a face. This is especially helpful if you are having trouble remembering a few people on your significant other's side. Some couples have had guests put their pictures into a guest book while others have strung the photos up for everyone to see during the wedding!

Have Your Guests Sign A Keepsake

Having your guests sign a guest book is a common choice, but others like to get creative and have you sign a heart or a puzzle piece! This wedding had a sign that said, “Grab a heart, sign your name.” 

Hope you enjoyed this blog about ways to remember your wedding guests!

Posted March 7th at 11:27pm