Top 5 Ideas To Include In Your Couple's Wedding Shower

A wedding shower is a perfect opportunity for family and friends to celebrate you and your fiance prior to the wedding. The wedding shower can be another stressful task added to your plate during the wedding planning process, especially if you are planning it by yourself. Our team has created a list of five ideas to include in your couples wedding shower to make it unforgettable. 

Couple wedding showers are becoming extremely popular in modern day society. As a result, grooms can now spend the special time with his loved ones while opening gifts with his soon to be wife. 

Here are the top 5 ideas to include in your couple's wedding shower. 


1.    Choose a theme

2.   Assign a host for the shower

3.   Make sure there are plenty of games 

4.   Plan food and drinks

5.   Create party favors 

This wedding shower might be one of the last events you have before your big day and it’s important to leave your guests wanting more. If you make this wedding shower a pleasurable experience for your guests, I’m sure they will already be talking about how awesome your wedding will be.

These are our top 5 ideas to include in your couple's wedding shower. Our team here at Lively Wedding Box hopes that we were able to make the wedding shower planning process a little bit easier. Thank you for reading and check back next week when we feature another wedding proposal and blog post. 

Posted February 28th at 7:04pm