Top 7 Items To Add To Your Wedding Registry

One of a couple’s biggest stresses around the wedding is MONEY. Having a wedding registry is a great way for couples to receive items for FREE. Creating a wedding registry can be a bit overwhelming, but our team has created a list of items that should not be forgotten.

It is always important to include items that can be affordable to all your guest. Adding products that range in price is a better way to make sure your really utilize your opportunity during this time.  

Here are the top  7 items to add to your wedding registry.

  1. Serving Set

  2. Bar Tools

  3. Cooking Utensils

  4. Blender

  5. Grill Set

  6. Roasting Pan

  7. Vacuum Cleaner

    If you are totally stumped on what else to add to your wedding registry, go from room to room in your house and add items. As you walk into each room items should pop into your head making the process easier.

    Do not worry about adding to much to your wedding registry. Giving your family and friends the options of different items can be helpful when choosing which gifts to give for your wedding.

    This is our top 7 items to add to your wedding registry. Don’t forget to enjoy this moment with your fiancé. Your family and friends are ready to celebrate the love you two have built. We hope you enjoyed this blog just as much as our team did.

    Posted February 13th at 4:23am