You Can Officiate Weddings for Your Friends and Family

You Can Officiate Weddings for Your Friends and Family

January 24, 2019 | Alisha Mohammed

There’s something more special and personal about having a friend or family member officiate your wedding. If a loved one asks you to officiate your wedding, it’s because they can’t imagine anyone else but you to officiate it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ordained! It is a fairly easy and fast process.

You must be legally allowed to perform a marriage. Something to keep in mind is that laws are different in every state, so you should research your state laws to make sure the way you are getting ordained is the correct and official way in your state.

Here are some ways to get ordained online:

Not all ordination licenses are valid in all states. Make sure your license is valid in the state you are officiating a wedding. Additionally, there are different packages that may be offered while getting ordained. There are sites to get ordained for free, but depending on what state you are in or what type of ordination package you’d like, it can cost up to $80.

Once you’re ordained, you will receive an official certificate. Make sure to keep that handy on wedding day.

Now it’s time to work on writing the ceremony. Some ordination websites even have training materials to help you on how to write a wedding ceremony.

Here are some tips on preparing to write the ceremony:

Write a beautiful ceremony for your loved ones. Tell their story like no one else could.

Now you’re ready to officiate weddings for your friends and family!

Posted January 25th at 2:09am